Inclusive and Memorable Halloween Classroom Party Ideas

It’s Halloween, so it’s time to plan a classroom party. My kids usually start getting excited for Halloween in August, so by the time the holiday rolls around, they are beyond ready to celebrate. That enthusiasm makes planning an inclusive and memorable Halloween classroom party easy! 

Why Inclusivity Matters in Halloween Parties

When planning a Halloween party for your classroom, it’s essential to ensure you are inclusive of all the kids in your class. Some families and religions don’t celebrate with costumes. Some schools, like our parochial school, celebrate All Saints Day or Dia de los Muertos. Some kids might have disabilities or allergies that make partaking in activities and goodies difficult. Inclusive Halloween classroom parties are easy to pull off if you have communicated any accommodations with the teacher and modified your plans to make sure everyone fits in. 

Planning for Halloween Fun 

Successful Halloween party planning starts with a quick email or meeting with your teacher to confirm the date/time, budget, and any special accommodations needed. Once you have that, you can determine how much you can fit into the allotted timeframe and age group. 

Download my free Classroom Party Planner for more help! 

Spooktacular Halloween Themes

Some kid-friendly Halloween-themed party ideas might be less spooky for the younger kids than older classes. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same scary tolerance. Sticking with pumpkins, ghosts, and maybe some bugs is easy! Once you’re in the upper elementary age range, what’s considered a kid-friendly Halloween party theme will get a little more spooky! 

Engaging Halloween Games

Here are some of my favorite Halloween party games for kids. 

Mummy Wrap

This is easy and brings out a lot of giggles. This game only takes a few rolls of toilet paper and a timer. Split the class into teams of 2-4 kids and have them pick their mummy. Set the timer for two minutes (or longer for the younger kids) and give them a toilet paper roll. The goal is to make their Mummy in the allotted time. When the timer goes off, the teacher can pick a winner, or the Mummies can have a photo shoot to share on the classroom portal. 

Candy Corn Guessing

Fill a mason jar with candy corn and have the kids guess how many are in the container. Closest to the amount will win a prize, but make sure YOU count the candy corn as you fill the container! 

Sensory boxes

Take a few shoe boxes and cover them in construction paper. Cut a hole in the top or side that is big enough for the kid’s hands to fit through. Fill the box with Halloween-themed items – like the inside of a pumpkin, a layer of crushed cookies with worms in them, or play spiders for them to guess the contents. 

Halloween Bingo

Bingo is always a great game for any age group. This website has a ton of free printable options. You could also do an All Saints version in a parochial school. 

Ghost Marshmallow Toss

Grab a bag of large marshmallows and draw ghost faces on them with a Sharpie. Have the kids toss as many as possible into a small black witch’s cauldron

Allergy-Friendly Halloween Treats 

Allergy-friendly Halloween treats don’t have to be boring! You should have a list of known allergies from your teacher or administration, so double-check ingredients if you are buying store-bought treats.

I developed this Halloween Rice Krispie Treats recipe a few years ago when I was a room parent for my daughter’s first-grade class. You can substitute the butter for coconut oil to make it dairy-free. 

Mandarin oranges are easy to turn into pumpkins with just a Sharpie and some creativity. 

Put green grapes on a skewer coupled with a spider ring for some Spider Egg Treats. 

You can turn any traditional treat into safe Halloween snacks for kids regardless of food allergies. Always reach out to the parents of the kids with allergies to see if they have suggestions. They are usually experts at this! 

Halloween Crafts 

I love it when my kid’s classroom parties include a craft. It’s such a fun keepsake. It doesn’t have to be complicated, either. DIY Halloween decorations that parents or loved ones can bring out to display year after year are always a hit.

I love this toilet paper roll monster craft for the younger grades. This would also be a great art project if your school pairs the younger kids with older buddies. 

Paper plate spiders can be done with just a few supplies and become a great not-so-creepy keepsake! 

Pumpkin decorating stations are a timeless, kid-friendly Halloween craft for all ages. Depending on your budget, have each kid bring in their pumpkin or provide them for the class. Set up a table with all the various supplies like paints, stickers, and googly eyes, and have them create. Encourage them to use mixed media and think outside of the box. These treasures won’t last forever, but the kids will enjoy making them. 

How cute are these handprint Halloween crafts? Another great keepsake for the parents and nice and messy for the kids. Make sure you bring lots of wet wipes for clean up. 

Halloween classroom parties can be inclusive and creative with these simple ideas. Check out our helpful classroom party checklist if you need help organizing your party. 

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